Parish Clergy

Father John Koen, Presiding Priest

Cell phone: (317) 908-8511


Father John Koen has been an Orthodox priest since 1993, and a priest attached to the Bulgarian Orthodox Diocese since 2001.  Prior to this, he was a minister-priest, in a non-denominational Christian Service and Teaching Order, for 20 years. He is now on long-term loan to the Greek Archdiocese and has been pastoring Holy Apostles since 2010.
He has been married to his better half, Martha, for 45 years.  Martha is a life coach, runs a large, highly successful swim program, plus teaches art. She is a graduate of one of the top art colleges in the world (Brighton College of Art, in England), and is a world-class artist and iconographer. They have been blessed with five children, plus sixteen grandchildren.
Father John is a retired plumber, having spent 35 years in the trade, including having owned a plumbing and heat business, at an earlier point, while being on a church mission with his family in England.  Before that, they were also on a mission in Germany. 

Father John is happy to welcome, along with everyone at Holy Apostles, anyone who wishes to attend the services at Holy Apostles. He is also happy to answer any questions or concerns about Orthodoxy, as well as religion and spirituality in general, that anyone may have. Feel free to contact him.  Please leave a message, with full details, and he will respond as soon as possible.